Management Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Full Management

Our Full Management service is designed to completely relieve the burden of managing your aircraft. To reduce the cost of aircraft ownership, owners or flight departments have found it valuable to market their aircraft to charter clients and generate revenue. To facilitate this, the Full Management option includes the required FAA 135 certification and oversight. Priester provides 24/7 monitoring of every aspect that involves your aircraft. This includes administration, trip coordinating, crewing, flight operations, risk management, regulatory oversight and maintenance coordination of the aircraft. 


Charter Management

For aircraft owners that already employ administrative expertise to manage their aircraft, Priester has developed Charter Management services to reduce the cost of aircraft ownership. This option is designed for owners or flight departments who want the ability to charter their aircraft, but don't need full management. This service allows you to add your aircraft to Priester Aviation's FAA PART 135 worldwide charter certification and maximize your return by generating revenue when your aircraft isn't being utilized.  


Flight Support - Part 91 Management

Priester's Flight Support option is designed to complement existing flight operations by strengthening administrative support and leveraging Priester’s fleet purchasing power.

Flight Department Solutions

Priester offers solutions specifically for Flight Departments. See Flight Department Solutions for more details. 

Our aircraft management solutions can seamlessly integrate with a new or existing flight operation to achieve your specific goals." - Charlie Hughes, Senior Vice President of Management Sales. Learn more about changing management companies in Business Aviation Advisor, "When Your Changing Needs Means Changing Management Companies," featuring guest writer Charlie Hughes.