On Demand Charter

Welcome to Priester Aviation

Getting to your destination in a precise time frame is no longer a preference — it’s an absolute necessity. Long lines, system delays, increased security measures and uncertain scheduling make it more inefficient than ever to fly commercial these days. Flying private on our aircraft eliminates the inconveniences of commercial aviation, allows for ultimate flexibility and gives you control over your busy schedule. In addition to saving time at the airport, flying on our business jets allows productivity while en route, providing a private workplace for you and your colleagues without interruption. This additional meeting time gives you a critical advantage over your competitors and is something your fellow stakeholders will eventually thank you for.


Within minutes of your arrival at the airport, you will be swiftly escorted to your aircraft and airborne to your destination. Trip planning is simple and convenient. Arrivals and departures are effortless. 


Our expert team works with you to tailor every detail to your specification—No detail is too small. We offer the following services to enhance your travel experience.

  • Ground Transportation
  • In-Flight Catering
  • Flight Following/Trip Watch
  • Concierge Service (24/7 In-office assistance)
  • Valet Services
  • Ramp Access (upon request at certain locations)

Financial Sense

Priester is able to get you closer to your meeting place, saving valuable time and energy. When time equals money, your ability to conduct more business is valuable and eventually noticeable to your bottom line. Chartering with Priester allows you to experience the benefits of owning a jet without the capital investment required for private or fractional ownership. Our fleet includes small, midsize and heavy business jets, ensuring that the right aircraft is assigned for each trip.

Know Who Operates Your Charter Flights

We operate a fleet of the world's most advanced aircraft. Unlike a charter broker, Priester controls its fleet of aircraft and flight crews. When your aircraft needs fall outside of our fleet, we'll provide you with a solution from our global partner network, which are vetted to the most stringent standards. 

Exceptional Value

Our pricing structure is based on hard quotes (fixed pricing). There are no up-front acquisition or management fees to deliberate. Our quotes are straightforward.