Priester Aviation Completes Two Safety and Regulatory Compliance Audits, Earns ACSF and Wyvern Certifications

Aug 14 2014
Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Wyvern Wingman

Priester Aviation, LLC, announced they have completed two independent industry safety audits, and have been awarded the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and Wyvern Wingman certifications.

"Our first priority is to ensure that our passengers enjoy a safe, comfortable experience," said Kurt Humm, vice president of quality for Priester Aviation. "These certifications confirm that Priester Aviation operates according to the highest standards of aviation safety, well above FAA regulatory compliance."

The ACSF certification is a rigorous process that uses accredited, independent auditors to evaluate an aircraft management and jet charter company's compliance and safety protocols. Priester Aviation is a founding member of ACSF and Charlie Priester, chairman of Priester Aviation, serves on the organization's board of governors.

The Wyvern Wingman is widely considered the gold standard in aviation safety. Aircraft charter operators who receive the certification are designated as "indicative of a safe, world-class aviation organization."

"By once again earning these certifications, our clients know that our commitment to safety and quality is paramount to our business," said Humm. "These two certifications, along with our ARGUS Platinum rating and IS-BAO certifications put us in the top one percent of charter operators who have achieved all four safety accreditations."

Both evaluations were conducted over several days by independent on-site auditors trained by Wyvern and the ACSF. Auditors reviewed safety documentation, processes, operations and maintenance data, aircraft and crew. In addition, both the ACSF and Wyvern Wingman certifications are valid for two years.