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Welcome to Centerline by Priester Aviation in partnership with Canvas Aviation. Creating an entirely new private aviation service built to elevate an already special experience. When we envisioned Centerline, we focused on making the impossible, possible. Time is ever so valuable and should be treated as such. Eliminate the stress of traditional private charter with immediate booking and guaranteed availability. With Centerline, each experience is tailored without sacrificing  safety or quality to achieve every members’ wishes and desires.

Let us help you to focus on the things that matter to you most.

 Simplicy of Centerline - 25 Hour Membership

  • Immediate booking
  • Guaranteed availbility
  • No positioning fees
  • Flexible cabin class
  • Point to point pricing
  • Vetted closed fleet
  • Concierge-level service

Centerline Fleet


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Priester Aviation and Canvas Aviation have forge a new partnership to transform private aviation. The exclusive partnership teams the strengths of each company as Priester and Canvas Aviation introduce the all-new private jet membership, Centerline.

Canvas’ unique cross-section of knowledge is designed to give Priester clients a clear perspective on how Centerline fits into their current flight profile.

Contact your Centerline concierge at: +1 888 266 1255