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Why Private Jet Charter?

Priester creates an unprecedented experience for jet charter customers, from ease and flexibility of booking to the quality and reliability of the travel itself. Our record of operating spans decades, ensuring customers can trust Priester will deliver on its promises, from full pricing transparency to understanding your unique needs and expectations. Minimal turnaround time and a full fleet range ensures our availability matches your requirements.


What Does Charter Cost?

Every flight is different, but with some info, including routes and number of passengers, we can craft a quote on one of our world-class aircraft.

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Centerline Jet Card

For those who use a private jet charter company frequently, Priester offers a convenient charter jet card experience. Enjoy concierge-level service and eliminate the stress of flying with immediate booking and guaranteed availability.

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Flight Specials

Flexible travel plans? Look for discounted specials on empty-leg charter flights. See the aircraft, features and destinations that can work with your schedule.

The Priester Fleet

We have the right-size aircraft for your mission. From light jets and turboprops to heavy jets with long range and capabilities, choose the well-maintained, expertly crewed aircraft that fits your needs.


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mid aircraft


super mid aircraft

Super Mid

heavy aircraft


Charter Flight Safety

Priester is on a continuous pursuit for operational excellence. We go beyond industry standards to ensure our flight crews and operations staff exceed training standards, enabling them to provide the safest charter flight.

Jet Charter FAQs

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Save time and maximize productivity with charter.

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