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Priester Aviation offers multiple aircraft management programs structured to meet your individual needs and tailored to maximize your return. Owning and operating an aircraft is complex and managing the details can be daunting. We treat each aircraft as if it were our own. Get to know our management team personally, and let them protect your investment and maximize your return.

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Full Management

Owning your own aircraft is a special, albeit complicated experience. At Priester, we make it simple. You will enjoy having your own personalized flight department while we handle the complexities. We build your team starting with flight department leadership, then supervise and support them with industry-leading technology, systems, processes, and procedure. The choreography that happens behind the scenes results in a smooth, safe, operationally efficient, and cost-efficient flight department.

  • Your team, your aircraft
  • Industry-leading support - technology, systems, processes and procedure
  • Practical standards ensuring safety, quality and efficiency
  • If charter is desired, Priester provides a comprehensive sales and marketing program to drive robust charter revenue and offset your costs

Charter Management

For aircraft owners who already employ administrative expertise to manage their aircraft, Priester has developed charter management services to reduce the cost of aircraft ownership. In this option, Priester provides charter opportunities, even if you don’t need full management. This service allows you to add your aircraft to Priester Aviation’s FAA Part 135 worldwide charter certification and maximize your return by generating revenue when your aircraft isn’t being utilized.

  • Monetized downtime
  • Greater charter exposure
  • Reduced ownership costs

Flight Support

Priester’s Flight Support option is designed to complement existing flight operations by strengthening administrative support and leveraging Priester’s fleet purchasing power. Lower fuel or insurance costs by being part of a larger fleet with our Part 91 management.

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