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Priester Aviation reduces the burden of managing aircraft by being an authority in every facet of aircraft management service. Our seasoned team of experts handle each aircraft as if it were our own, ensuring administration, crewing, flight operations and maintenance coordination exceed the standards of corporate flight departments. Our global operations center is staffed around the clock to manage your asset and execute your travel mission. Here’s how we can help you get the most out of your asset.


Flight crews play a significant part in the safe operation of your aircraft. We can conduct a thorough search for crew members that not only have the proper experience in a specific type of aircraft, but also have good decision-making skills and exceptional customer service. Given our global reach, Priester is able to select from the top candidates. With the rigor demanded by our safety culture, crews attend full-motion simulator training from leaders, such as FlightSafety International and other providers to continue flight education.

Maintenance Control

Maintenance oversight is vitally important to the quality and consistent operation of your aircraft. Practical application of experience and knowledge by a qualified, dedicated team is essential. We have developed a four-step Operational Control Verification Form (OCVF) that confirms the proper safety checks have been performed prior to every trip.

Global Trip Logistics

With in-house expertise, we are able to control logistics with greater efficiency. We also partner with a top global logistics provider to assist in international planning, providing our clients a higher standard of support when traveling around world.


Understanding, monitoring, forecasting, tracking and managing the financial aspect associated with business aircraft is no small task. Our accounting team oversees every expense, managing your aircraft to the highest standard. Each month, we present a detailed summary package of your aircraft’s complete financial performance.

The pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight services were seamless. All personnel were not only very professional but very personable, as well.
Fortune 500 Aircraft Owner
  • The pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight services were seamless. All personnel were not only very professional but very personable, as well.
    Fortune 500 Aircraft Owner
  • Priester’s service level and competitive presence in the charter market is always exceptional.
    Chicago Charter User

Other Services


Priester’s higher standards cover aircraft insurance needs. We have negotiated a fleet insurance policy that provides exceptional coverage. Exclusive to our insurance coverage is criminal defense coverage which protects the aircraft and crew.

Fleet Buying Power

By joining Priester’s fleet, you enjoy the benefits of substantial discounts derived from economies of scale. Reduce costs on fuel, maintenance, parts, training, insurance, completions and other services through our discounted rates. Leverage our negotiations to receive highly competitive rates from companies such as FlightSafety International, Signature, Duncan, AvFuel, Everest Fuel, Air Routing and others.

Trip Planning

To ensure our aircraft owners’ requests are met, we employ a dedicated team to receive trip details, execute and oversee the entire trip. Have a special request or service need? We don’t leave any detail unattended.

FAA Regulations

Our team monitors and evaluates the rapidly changing regulatory standards. We keep your aircraft and operations in proper compliance for every flight.

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