To prove our commitment to safety, we have achieved the industry's highest third-party safety accreditations.

Priester is on a continuous pursuit for operational excellence. We realize that safety is about attention to the smallest details. We go beyond industry standards to ensure our flight crews and operations staff exceed training standards, enabling them to provide the safest flight. Our reputation in the industry allows us to attract the most skilled and seasoned flight crews.

Top 1% of Charter Operators

Priester is among the elite 1% of charter operators who has earned all of the highest safety accreditations, which include ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Registered, IS-BAO - Stage 3 and Air Charter Safety Foundation certifications. Our passengers deserve to know that they are safe and secure at all times. 

ARGUS PlatinumAir Charter Safety FoundationWyvern RegisteredIS-BAO - Stage 3

priester's internal Safety

Dedicated Safety Director

Priester's dedicated full-time Safety Director provides an in-depth understanding of the rapidly changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards to our organization. 

Safety Management System (SMS)

Our robust SMS is an important tool for our team to monitor, report and systematically improve our operations to provide the safest flight experience. This system provides risk management data that is compiled and analyzed for trends to mitigate future risk.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Priester was a pioneer in the implementation of a comprehensive ERP and has taken it to a whole new level to ensure client safety. Our headquarters is equipped with a dedicated Emergency Response Center where quarterly drills take place to sharpen response skills. We've also built an industry leading proprietary system that allows our team the ability to respond to any emergency at a moment's notice, from anywhere in the world. Its web-enabled architecture provides the ultimate in situational awareness, efficient communication and risk mitigation for the response team to address any emergency situation. 

Aviation Safety Action Program (Asap)

Priester Aviation raises the air charter safety bar by incorporating airline-style safety into its safety systems with the Asap program. Developed by the Air Charter Safety Foundation, this program provides employees a non-disciplinary approach to identifying and reporting safety issues to management and to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for resolution, without fear that the FAA will take legal enforcement action against them, or that companies will use such information to take disciplinary action.

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Each aircraft in our fleet is insured with a minimum $250M of liability coverage — well above the industry average.