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Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Flying privately offers critical time savings and provides a greater return on your travel investment. To fully realize these benefits, however, you must also be able to rely on your aircraft management and charter provider to always be there to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.

Since 1945, Priester Aviation has provided the professional service that aircraft owners depend upon to manage these important assets. When contemplating private aircraft management alternatives, consider the safety, quality of service and heritage of Priester Aviation.

man sipping coffee on an airplane
man sipping coffee on an airplane
men standing in front of a private plane

Built to Last

A lot has changed across aviation, and in our world, throughout the last eight decades. Through it all, Priester Aviation has remained steadfast in providing our clients with safe and proven aircraft management and charter services. We have the experience, in the air and on the ground, to provide the needed aviation solutions for our clients.

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Personal Service

Our customers deal with individuals, not apps. When you have a trip scheduled or a problem to be solved, count on Priester Aviation for a nimble and effective response, from our family of experienced team members.

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Experience Matters

Priester Aviation provides tailored, boutique aircraft management and charter solutions for our clients. Our company is proud of our established heritage of quality, reliability and safety and we strive to maintain it every day, with every aircraft we manage.