500 vs. 5,000, Why Private Jet Charter Affords You More Options to Fly


Getting to your destination in a precise time frame is no longer a preference — it’s an absolute necessity. Commercial airports have become increasingly crowded with long wait times and delays making travel more cumbersome than ever before. With private jet charter getting to your destination is not only easier, but with over 5,000 airports to choose from it often gets you closer to your final destination than a standard commercial flight.

Unfortunately, commercial airlines are unable to provide customization in the way that private jet charter allows for. Private jet charter aircraft almost always requires less runway length than that of a commercial airliner strictly based on size and weight. This allows jet charter clients the option to explore many more airports than they would if they selected a commercial airliner, a difference of about 4,500 airports.

In addition to runway lengths, commercial airlines fly to popular city hubs that are considered “priority” to most travelers. It is hard to come by commercial flights that will fly to small rural areas as they would often not fly at full capacity due to the locations unique traveler count. With executive charter you are able to better customize your travel because you are in control. One of the perks of being a private charter customer is the ability to fly into to less populated airports allowing you to reach your final destination sooner and within a closer range.

In addition to flying into over 5,000 airport hubs compared to a mere 500 with a commercial airline, private aircraft charter allows you the ability to customize your travel with ease upon landing. Work with a Client Relations Executive to create a travel itinerary that is unique to you. With years of expertise and aviation knowledge a Client Relations Executive can help customize your ground transportation from any private charter airport. Not only can they assist you in selecting the best ground transportation, they can assist in avoiding delays due to weather, traffic or other unforeseen events. By flying private, someone is with you every step of the way to ensure that your travel plans go off without any issue. Unlike a commercial airline where you do the work, with private charter someone does the work for you allowing you to remove the daily nuisances that often come with traveling.

Popular Jet Charter Airports Locations

  • Teterboro, NY (TEB)
  • Van Nuys Airport, CA (VNY)
  • Chicago, IL (PWK)
  • West Palm Beach, FL (PBI)
  • Dallas Love Field, TX (DAL)

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