Can’t Beat the View: Picturesque Airports from Around the World



We often think of our travels beginning when we arrive at our final destination, but the beauty that comes with some of the world’s most scenic airports gives travelers a wildly unique perspective of nature before they have even touched ground. Enjoy the charm of a small town or the expanse of a mountain range at 39,000 feet from the comfort of your private jet charter.

  • Telluride Airport (TEX) – The approach into Telluride is one for the record books. With rolling snow capped mountains and a runway uniquely placed on the mountainside, Telluride provides a glimpse of this forest like winter wonderland unlike any experience you can have from a car or by foot.
  • Freeport, Bahamas (FPO) – Deep blues and greens greet you on your private jet charter into the Bahamas. Overlooking the vast beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, this scenic landing location is surrounded by water. Enjoy the 360 degree view of the islands before landing right of the water. The thrill coming into the airport will leave you with butterflies.
  • Queenstown, New Zeland (ZQN) – On New Zealand’s south island this scenic airport is tucked between lakes and mountains covered in rolling green pastures. Experience the beauty for yourself from the window seat of a Falcon 2000LXS.
  • Cario, Egypt (CIR) – For a 360 view of the pyramids of Giza, allow your private jet travel to whisk you away to Cario International Egypt. Though it may appear that the colors are very monotone, view some of history’s most historic artifacts as you descend upon Cairo.
  • Chicago, Illinois (PWK) – Perhaps not as scenic as others on the list, this destination still offers unique and stunning views. Fly over the windy city and experience the beauty of the industrial landscape.

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