Priester Aviation is among the world’s most experienced providers of private jet charter.

We have aircraft based throughout the world, allowing maximum flexibility and value for our clients. We know that sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day, or days in the week. Your time is valuable and requires the comfort and efficiency we provide. We make your travel simple and worry-free, tailoring each private jet charter experience to your needs and tastes — doing whatever is required to ensure that your trip is productive, efficient and comfortable. The Priester experience begins with a phone call to our Executive Travel Consultants — tell us where and when you’d like to charter a private jet — and we’ll handle the rest. Our account team coordinates each trip with your individual needs in mind. Every trip is executed consistently, with our promise that no detail goes overlooked.

Priester Aviation is proud to offer charter flights to-and-from Chicago, PhiladelphiaNew York, Houston, AustinSouth Florida, Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Nashville, Dallas and more!

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