Experiencing Jet Charter for the First Time – How it Compares to Commercial


Picture this, you have boarded a commercial airliner for your upcoming business meeting, you are conveniently located in the middle seat between two 6ft + passengers for the remainder of you 5 hour flight. You pull out your laptop and notes, place it on your tray table to begin reviewing your expertly crafted sales presentation and the person in front of you reclines their seat. You already have no leg room, your laptop is now positioned too close to you to be functional and the person in the seat across from you is fighting off the beginning stages of a sinus infection. Did I mention their is a young family behind you and their toddler is conveniently kicking your seat to the beat of the latest Taylor Swift song?

We’ve all been there. Flying commercial is a necessary evil that most of us will experience more than once throughout our lifetime, but does it really have to be that way? There must be other solutions, right? Yes, but what is key is why the alternative is so much more effective for business travelers.

Notice the Difference: A Commercial Fliers Comparison of Private Jet Charter to a Commercial Airlines Flight

  •  Time
    • Commercial: 2 hours, 40 minutes. Total time from arrival at the airport to takeoff
    • Private: 15 minutes. Total time from arrival at the airport to takeoff
  • Cabin Space
    • Commercial: Crowded with not much room for movement or work.
    • Private: Spacious interior with ample leg room and rotating seats for passenger comfort. 
  • Noise
    • Commercial: Children, overhead fan, engine noise
    • Private: Super quiet cabin with noise control reduction. Can hear the click of keyboard when typing. 
  • Interior
    • Commercial: Uncomfortable cloth seats, appears dirty and rundown from years of use.
    • Private: Elegant interiors with fine Italian leather and stylish wood finishes, pristine throughout.
  • Dining
    • Commercial: Two beverages offered, served in plastic cup with napkin.  
    • Private: Five star inflight culinary experience. Passengers dine with the finest silverware and china.
  • Entertainment
    • Commercial: Personal iPad and computer. Empty screen on seat back, movie available for purchase. 
    • Private: HD entertainment system including WiFi, individual LCD screens and sound-optimized speakers.
  • Luggage
    • Commercial: Checked bag for extra charge. Carry on item stowed above seat and additional bag underneath seat.
    • Private: Accessible in back of cabin with the assistance of a flight attendant (large cabin). Multiple bags on flight, no extra cost.

To recap, flying commercially is not only a burden on time prior to boarding a flight, the inconvenience of differing variables during flight prevented additional inflight work to be completed. With private jet travel, getting work done was not only convenient, it offered the ability for 9 passengers to all successfully complete work in an environment similar in comfort to our ever day work space. Furthermore, the stress that comes with flying commercially was removed by flying jet charter. The ability to relax and focus on your important business agenda is easy, no distractions, no restriction of space. 

How Executive Charter Jets Save Money?

  • Ever heard the saying, “Time is Money?” It is. In today’s fast paced world getting to your destination in a precise time frame is essential to the way you do business. Not only does it support your work agenda, it allows extra time for family and leisure. The more time you spend waiting on transportation, the more time you lose on closing business deals and getting to your kid’s next soccer game. 
  • Convenience. It would be hard to recount the many hours spent searching for the perfect flight, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to look, so they say. What if someone did that for you? What if all of the questions you needed answered were, in one phone call? Private aviation does just that. When you plan private airplane charter services, a Client Services Executive will remove the guess work from your travel preparation. The best private jet companies will tailor every detail to your specification. The resources you used to travel prior to booking charter are now on us. 
  • Last minute bookings don’t cost you extra. Booking commercial flights at the last minute for multiple personnel can become expensive fast. The benefit of private aircraft charter is you do not pay per person, you pay per trip. No more worrying about how many executives you can send due to cost, by booking charter it is all one fee no matter how many passengers per maximum aircraft capacity. 

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