Extreme Heat and Your Charter Aircraft


Where private jets are concerned, it is a commonly known fact that winter conditions can create the need for extra precaution and preflight checks, but the same can often be said for extreme heat. Summer temperatures in Texas can range from 110 -117 degrees, the kind of heat that makes everyone want to stay indoors where the air conditioner keeps it a cool 65 degrees. When extreme heat is present how does that affect your charter aircraft and if temperatures provide less than favorable travel conditions what alternatives are there to ensure you make it to your destination safely and on-time? 

How Extreme Heat Affects Your Aircraft Charter
Extreme heat and humidity can change the dynamics of the way an airplane performs. When extreme heat is present it is important to take precaution and address airplane performance. Ways in which extreme heat can affect your private aircraft charter are detailed below. 

  • Private jets need more runway to take off and land: Simply put, airplanes perform better in dense cooler air and when it’s humid the hot air provides for a less dense environment. 
  • Hot weather is great for storms: In extreme heat thunderstorms and severe weather can form quickly causing delays. 

How Jet Charter Companies Offer Extreme Heat Alternatives
When these instances occur, working with Priester Aviation can provide you with alternatives to still arrive to your destination on-time. 

  • Longer Runway: Priester’s team of specialists will work with you to reroute the trip to the nearest runway distance that will provide for a safe takeoff. 
  • Minimal Storm Delays: Private aviation companies cater to you, we will work around storms or reroute your trip to ensure safe travel and minimizing delays you would find at a commercial airport. 

Why Choose Priester?
Charter Flights from Houston with Priester Aviation can provide the reassurance and comfort you need to make certain you reach your destination safely. We go beyond industry standards to ensure our flight crews and operations staff exceed training standards, enabling them to provide the safest flight. Priester is among the elite 1% of aircraft charter companies who has earned all of the highest safety accreditations, which include ARG/US Platinum rating, Wyvern Wingman, IS-BAO – Stage 3 and Air Charter Safety Foundation certifications. In times of extreme heat you can rest assured that Priester Aviation will provide excellent service to provide piece of mind and ease of comfort for your travels. 

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