How to Travel with Pets on Your Private Aircraft Charter


Traveling with pets can be stressful not only on the pet, but the pet owner. With private aircraft charter traveling with pets can be simplified making the travel experience more enjoyable for all. Executive charter jets provide the comfort and convenience your pet is use to while ensuring a safe and roomy environment for your furry friend during their flight.

There are many things to consider before traveling with an animal. It is important to understand your pet and their needs before planning your trip.

Consider these pre-trip suggestions prior to boarding your aircraft charter with an animal:

  • Consult with your veterinarian – It is always helpful to speak with a professional who can provide insight on animal behavior in situations they are likely not accustom to. In addition, your veterinarian may preform a check up to ensure your pet is healthy enough for travel.
  • Prepare proper travel gear – Although many executive charter jets do not require carriers, it can often be of assistance during travel and after if needed. Make sure when selecting a carrier that you allow your pet enough room to travel comfortably.
  • Speak with a Client Services Executive – The best aircraft management companies will have Client Services Executives that can assist you in selecting an aircraft that is pet friendly and will provide the most comfort for not only you but your furry friend.
  • Know and Understand Pet Travel Restrictions – For international travel your pet may be required to have certain vaccinations or be quarantined for a period of time before entering your final destination. Speak with your veterinarian and consult with a Client Services Executive to determine the proper documents required for your pet to travel.

There are many reasons one may prefer to travel with a pet, with executive aircraft charters you can fly with a pet without the separation and commotion that comes with flying commercially. Whether flying with a service animal, going on a hunting trip or simply because you prefer to travel with your animals, private jets allow you to seamlessly travel from one location to the next with convenience and flexibility. Priester Aviation has several executive charter jets that permit traveling with pets onboard. It is important to note that each aircraft owner is unique and restrictions for pets can vary from aircraft to aircraft. Below is a list of charter jets that are excellent for pets:

  • Citation CJ3                
  • Challenger 350
  • Gulfstream IV
  • Falcon 2000
  • Gulfstream IVsp
  • Citation Excel
  • Falcon 900B
  • Challenger 604

Once you have selected an executive charter jet that is pet friendly there are many ways in which to provide comfort for your pet during your flight. Take note that flight times will vary depending on your final destination. For example, private jet charter to Chicago Illinois from Teterboro is typically an hour and 45 minutes. Where as executive air charter from Teterboro to Dallas is typically a 3 hour flight. It is important to note travel times as they will have an affect on your pet’s needs during flight.

Consider these suggestions to provide comfort for your pet during flight:

  • Pack toys or items of comfort – Your pet just like you takes comfort in feeling at home. Bring toys, blankets or treats that will remind them of home and provide them with a comfort they are use to.
  • Provide adequate amount of food and water – Just as we often get hungry during long flights, so do our furry friends. Work with Priester Aviation Client Service Executives to ensure the proper amount of food and water are onboard during your flight. 
  • Relax – The more comfortable you are, the more at ease your pet will feel. Keep your pet at ease by using relaxing scents like lavender or a scent that they will be familiar to from their everyday environment.

Flying with an animal no longer needs to be a stressful experience, with executive aircraft charters you can fly with ease and flexibility with your pet.

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