Onboard Catering Considerations for Your Private Jet Travel


Remember the days of in-flight catering on a commercial plane?…Neither do we. With private jet travel, those days are still a reality and what is even better is that you have the freedom to select your menu and tailor it you satisfy your taste buds. In-flight catering can add that extra special touch to your next business meeting on your private jet charter from Chicago to your final destination.

Catering Tips and Considerations:Priester Fleet

  • Take advantage of selecting dishes from culinary chefs that may not be on your typical menu choices. In-flight catering chefs work hard to deliver you unique menu options…test the limits and try new and unique cuisine options. 
  • Don’t forget the kids. Catering menus come complete with options for children including everything from snacks during movie time to full dinner accommodations.
  • Understand your aircrafts capabilities for in-flight catering. For example, Citation Sovereign charters feature a microwave and refreshment center that allow for quick preparation of hot meals while other aircrafts may feature ovens for longer cook times and larger meals.
  • Don’t forget the beverages. Catering menus can include beverages of your choice including top shelf alcohol options upon request.
  • When flying at high altitudes food may taste differently. Our senses handle taste and smell differently at higher altitudes. Speak with your trip planner or flight attendant to better understand aspects of the menu you order at higher altitudes.
  • Note that food items can vary by location.

No matter the duration of your flight, catering is an option with private jet charter services. Priester Aviation works exclusively with the best caterers to provide exceptional quality and taste for your dining experience. Our Client Services Executives will work with you to prepare a menu that meets your needs and ensures an onboard dinning experience to satisfy everyone on board.


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