Priester COVID-19 Response



We are in unprecedented times and navigating uncharted waters. We are monitoring the constantly changing situation with COVID-19 so that we can best serve our charter clients, our aircraft owners, our crews, and our team members. Our decisions focus on the health and safety of everyone we work with, and long term success of the business.

To protect our passengers, our aircraft, and our crew we have taken three steps:

1.     We have instituted enhance cleaning procedures with CDC recommended products to sanitize the cabin. Onboard areas specifically addressed:

• Boarding door & attached rails

• Interior hand hold and surfaces around door

• All galley surfaces

• All galley drawers including ledges of drawers

• All opening and closing latches/handholds

• All hand/drink/side rails

• All buttons controlling onboard AV and passenger convenience items

• All fold out tables

• All passenger seats

• All seatbelts and seatbelt latches

• All items in onboard passenger convenience baskets

• Any/all onboard door handles

• All hard and/or smooth surfaces in the lavatory

2.     For charter trips, we have developed and deployed a passenger survey to help identify passengers that could be at higher risk to have been exposed to COVID-19.

3.     For Priester managed charter aircraft, we have ordered and have (or will be delivering) N95 masks to be used by either passengers or crews if the feel the need for an additional layer of protection.

To protect our team members, and pass through clients, we have taken these three steps: 

1.     We have implemented our “remote workplace” protocols to limit interaction in the office. Whereas we can’t operate the company completely remotely, most employees will be accomplishing their work tasks from home and we remain dedicated to providing the highest service to all our clients. Even employees that do travel to the office are working with under significant social distancing rules either in separate offices or on opposite sides of larger offices.

2.      Like our aircraft, we have enhanced our office cleaning procedures to be sure while in the office, our team members have the safest working environment possible.

3.     When possible, we are loading all aircraft planeside. Although different facilities and airports have varying policies, our intent is to maintain as much social distance as possible.

To be responsible neighbors we are encouraging the following actions:

1.     We encourage everyone to practice aggressive social distancing behaviors

2.     For owners traveling on their own aircraft, we encourage owners to consider travel companions. Obviously, much is known about family but one theme coming out of the spread if COVID-19 is that even close acquaintances don’t realize they had been exposed.

3.     Lastly, we encourage everyone to pay close attention to the CDC guidelines found at

In good health,

Andy Priester

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