The Ultimate in Mid-Sized Private Charter: Citation Excel


If you seek to find the ultimate in luxury aircraft, look no further than the Citation Excel. One of the most popular mid-sized jets in its class, the Citation Excel is known for its spacious cabins featuring seating arrangements for up to 8 people on average. With outstanding performance ability, this executive charter aircraft can access short runways and has a cruise speed of 500 mph making it very versatile for your travel needs. With flight times of up to 3 ½ hours, this private jet charter aircraft is the perfect solution for your next business trip. Enhance the way you get business done and arrive in style.A staple in the Cessna fleet, the Citation Excel outshines it competitors. Boasting a full range of amenities this executive jet charter specifically caters to you and your unique needs. Passengers will find value in the aircraft because of its versatility in the mid-sized cabin aircraft fleet. “It’s an absolutely versatile aircraft. Traveling onboard the jet is truly a bespoke experience and a new dimension in cabin comfort,” Vice President of Charter Sales, Gary Gennari stated. “The aircraft provides the luxury you are used to while ensuring a safe and roomy environment during flight.” 

Business Travel
Perfect for those looking to travel for business, this private charter offers the convenience of having an office in the sky. Charter your next business charter jet trip and while you fly still be productive. With WiFi capabilities, the aircraft allows you to work while you fly saving you valuable time and money while you travel. Never miss a minute while you are away from the office with the ability to tap into your office while you are away. Planning to have a meeting in the aircraft? The spacious cabin makes it the perfect in air conference room to allow you to continue brainstorming as a team while you fly. Enjoy an in-flight presentation using individual LCD monitor screens located at each seat for your ease of viewing. 

Your Citation Excel Private Jet Charter Aircraft Fleet

Citation Excel Huntingburg, IN Citation-Excel.png 11.png
 Huntingburg, Indiana   Chattanooga, Tennessee  Chicago, Illinois

Top Travel Destinations
There are no shortage of destinations perfectly suited for mid-sized cabin travel and the Citation Excel. Conveniently located in Indiana, Tennessee and Chicago, the Citation Excel fleet from Priester Aviation offers a diverse range of options perfect for your next vacation or business trip. Fully equipped with a refreshment center, enclosed lavatory, flight phone and leather seats, the charter jet serves up the right amenities for your travel needs. 

Sample Trip Pricing

  • Chicago Based Excel
    • Chicago (PWK) to New York (TEB): $15,939.93 (day Trip)
    • Chicago (PWK) to West Palm Beach (PBI) and back: $24,721.88 (weekend trip)
    • Chicago (PWK) to Aspen (ASE) and back: $24,620.29 (weekend trip)
  • Southern Indiana Based Excel
    • St. Louis (STL) to Aspen (ASE) and back: $27,878.28 (weekend trip)
  • Greater Chattanooga Area Based Excel
    • Nashville (BNA) to New York (TEB): $23,724.15 (day trip)
    • Nashville (BNA) to West Palm Beach (PBI) and back: $26,927.65 (weekend trip)

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