Top Destinations to Celebrate Mardi Gras Around the World with Private Charter


Mardi Gras is upon us and Fat Tuesday is in full swing. The most well known Mardi Gras destination is of course New Orleans, but with private jet charter you can venture just about anywhere to experience this exuberant holiday. Experience the holiday in a new way by visiting some the best places to celebrate Mardi Gras with private charter from around the world. 

Rio de Janerio, Brazil – Known as the carnival capital of the world, this five day festival is vibrant and busy. Drawing in nearly a half a million party goers the festival offers Mardi Gras fans all of the traditional good fun with the addition of the Samba Parade. This special Mardi Gras themed parade features music, costumes and lots of dancing. Perfect for private jet travel Rio de Janerio, ensures a good time to be had for all. 

Binche, Belgium – Known as Gilles, clown like masked men walk the streets on Fat Tuesday in their vibrant dress and wooden footwear. Ranging in age from young to old, men in the town of Binche aspire to be part of the festival as Gilles. Under a firework lit sky the festival brings in thousands to dance to the sound of drums and ward off evil spirits. Not a traditional Mardi Gras celebration as we are accustom to in the states, this unique festival is said to date back to the 14th century. 

Mobile, Alabama – Just a skip away from the large New Orleans festivities is Mobile, Alabama known as being the original Fat Tuesday celebration. With multiple parades and over 1 million visitors each year this lesser known destination is a Mardi Gras fans delight. This multiple day celebration offer over 35 parades, dancing, music and traditional Paczki’s.

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