Your Private Travel Guide to the 2016 Summer Olympics


This summer, Rio de Janeiro will be bustling with more than 10,500 elite athletes from 206 countries for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Beginning on August 5th and running until August 21st, athletes will compete in 306 medaled events in hopes of gaining a gold medal and recognition as the top athlete in their sport. The Olympic games will feature 42 sports, two of which, -golf and rugby-, return after 92 years. The games will be played at 32 venues across four regions of the city. The Olympic games are no small feat. To organize the event, the workforce committee will need 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 outsourced staff and 6,500 employees.

Faster, Higher, Stronger
The Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” means faster, higher, stronger and can be easily compared to that of private aviation. With private jet charter, you can experience the Olympics the way it should be. Get there faster with our Gulfstream G550 charter, known for its long range capabilities and sleek design. Our team of aviation experts specialize in ensuring your trip is seamless from start to finish, from in-flight catering to ground transportation. They can tailor a trip itinerary to meet your needs during your travel to Rio de Janeiro.

2016 Summer Olympics Travel Preparation
Travel to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games is best if booked in advance. Cities hosting the Olympic games will require slots for all arrivals and departure. Your Client Services Executive will handle all slot negotiations in advance of your trip for travel assurance. Due to airport congestion, it is important to note that the amount of time the aircraft can be on the ground can be very limited. In order to ensure a stress-free experience, be sure to detail your itinerary ahead of time with your Client Services Executive for specific flight times and pick-up needs.

Special Visa Exceptions
Due to the unique nature of the Olympic Games, the Brazilian president has approved a law that will exempt foreigners traveling from countries that have hosted past Olympic games from requiring visas during the 2016 Brazil Summer Games period – welcome news for US citizens. Traveling for tourism only, passengers can enter the country from June 1, 2016, through September 18, 2016, without a visa, and can remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Passengers will still be required to have a valid passport to travel to and from Rio de Janeiro. If you plan to travel for business you will still be required to obtain a visa. Travel information for the 2016 Olympic Games provided by our partner Universal Weather & Aviation Inc. in conjunction with Priester Aviation.

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