Three Ways to Save in 2020


Now is a great time to lock in your savings by pre-paying for your upcoming travel through Priester’s three travel programs.

You May Be Participating in Illegal Charter, and Not Even Know It?


Illegal charter has quickly become a hot topic in the private aviation world. The topic has recently gained the attention of regulators because of the proliferation of start-up businesses trying to emulate UBER but on private jets.

Family Office: Understanding Your Client’s Flight Path


In the world of private aviation, your clients will  likely make many changes over the course of their aviation journey. We call it your FlightPath. It’s wise to map this trend and review the findings with an aviation professional to assess every point of change.

Experiencing Jet Charter for the First Time – How it Compares to Commercial


Flying commercial is a necessary evil that most of us will experience more than once throughout our lifetime, but does it really have to be that way? There must be other solutions, right?

Meet the Senior Executive Sales Team: New York Edition


Priester Aviation has a dedicated team of individuals who are not only immersed in the aviation world, but have a passion for providing excellence every step of the way.